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Chairman’s Message

From realizing our dreams, to realizing those of others, it has been a wonderful journey for Yashada Realty.

Yashada Realty has a solid experience of more than a decade in fulfilling every customer’s primary aspiration…of having a home, his own home. With this as our guiding philosophy Yashada Realty has overcome all impediments, crossed hurdles and turned every corner to fulfill this vision. We have endeavored to fulfill every spectrum of homes the Real Estate industry has to offer. From affordable homes to plush ones, we give it all. We offer comprehensive solutions to all our customers.

We are now on the threshold of taking the big leap. We want to build bigger and better homes, aspire for farther horizons and give all our customers their best home story. Yashada Realty wants to be a name to reckon with in the commercial space along with residential. We aspire to push the envelope, try new markets and make a footprint pan India. All this with the underlying vision of giving quality and satisfaction to our customers, which is their right.

I, on behalf of Yashada Realty look forward to your support  and encouragement to make all this a reality . Times are changing and speed is key. While we are very perceptive of our dreams, we want your guidance, push and motivation to ascertain that our Customers’ DREAMS REALIZE.

- Mr. Vasant Kate

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